Groves & Production

There are 50 hectares of mature olive groves on the Mouchão property, a large part of which are over 100 years old - oldest date back to 1903. The principal variety is the Galega olive, native to the Alentejo.
Although Mouchão has always been, and still is, a member of the local olive oil cooperative, in 2008 the agricultural wing of Mouchão commenced its very own production of olive oil. Specialised mechanical cold press machinery was installed with a view to producing very high quality extra virgin oil.
The result has been the very low acidity (usually around 3%) golden oil which has been so well received by a discerning market. The olives are picked in the traditional manner by hand with particular attention being paid the speed with which the olives are processed after picking – a secret of the best quality oils. We aim to achieve this within 3 hours by carefully balancing the rate of picking with the machinery capacity to produce. We are prepared to accept lowish oil yields (11-13%) in the interest of having a product of the finest quality.